Bilde av en turkis sykkel med en trekasse med blomster i. Bakgrunnen er orange. Illustrasjonsbilde tatt av Sagar Rana fra Unsplash

Are you a Greenfluencer? 5 Eco-friendly life hacks

29. juni 2019

Eco friendly, sustainable and cruelty free; these are all words that are trending on social media. More and more greenfluencers are showing us new and convenient ways to shift our focus, and tweak our minds to making different and better choices. How you eat, shop, and even your daily habits are now being challenged, and it has never been hotter!

These are my five favorite eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) life hacks:

Fashion: Ever since I came across studies of the textile industry, and how unethical and polluting it is, I have made some big changes when shopping for clothes. Now, if I want or need something, I always check Tise and Finn. These apps has made it super easy to shop a wide range of barley used clothes, to a good price. Not to mention, if you have something special coming up you can always rent an outfit at Fjong.

Living: Same goes with interior and plants. If I find something desirable in a store, I´ll look that exact item up, on the platforms mentioned above (sorry in advance, retailers). 

My favorite thing lately is buying used plants. I love giving them a new home, caring for them, and watching them grow into my apartment. It’s also super cheap compared to buying new plants.

Food: I am a true leftover lover, so I always store leftovers from dinner, and reuse it for lunch. If you’re like me, you probably buy more greens and fruits then you can eat. My best advice is to make smoothies and juices from overripe greens and fruits. (PS: why don’t grocery stores have smoothie/juice bars? Think of how much waste they would prevent. The idea is up for grabs!) However, if you are low on cash and don’t want to cook, I would definitely recommend the app Too Good To Go. This app gives you affordable access to food, from various restaurants, preventing food waste.

Coffee: I´m a fierce coffee addict! And even though I used to spend a lot of money on fancy coffee, my budget is tighter now that I’m a student. Lets just say I´m more of a make-my-own-coffee-to-go-in-a-reusable-cup-person. Did you know that a good selection of coffee places actually gives you a discount when bring your own cup? Come through! 

Bike: And last but not least. Buy your self a secondhand bike! It’s summer, and even though the weather is shifty this year- it sure is lovely to bike around, depending on where you live, obvs. I bought my first bicycle in Copenhagen last year. Its scruffy, resilient and I named it Offred (ref: The Handmaid´s tale). I absolutely love it! It has a little basket, which is perfect for grocery shopping. By riding it to school I get refreshed, stronger legs and I save a lot of money by not buying a monthly pass. 

If you didn’t notice; all of these hacks is good for the planet, its accessible and its super nice for a tight budget. What’s your favorite eco-friendly life hacks?"